Hello Fellow Foodies,

I am Niyati. Molecular Biologist by profession and a foodie at heart. Apart from being a food lover, I love to cook, bake and create gourmet memories both on the table and off it. But I have the company of my hubby/food critic Abhinav in this journey who not only has a big food influence on my life but he also cooks regulary. I am a huge fan of his amazing creations on the table and I love to style it and capture it too. Being foodies, we both wanted to bring our journey to cyberspace. We have been together for 9 years now and apart from Bollywood and Bombay, food is a major connect between us. Always up for trying/ creating something new whether its food, wine or Cake.

My most clear food memory from my childhood is my mom’s homemade gulab-jamuns(milk/dough balls dipped in sugar syrup). They felt like little drops of heaven growing up. Be it Holi,Diwali or any other festival, gulab-jamun was everyone’s favorite. She used to create delicious food and present it in such a way that we kids would look at it and drool all over it. She made everything look pretty and what I know about food and styling is all her. After coming back from school, I would drop my bag and go straight to the kitchen to check whats on the menu for dinner. My mom had a way of presenting food in my lunch box too and I am not kidding I would eat all of it and it was very popular amongst all my friends in school. She made every breakfast, lunch and dinner so special for all of us that we all used to wait for our dinning table sessions. As a kid I remember, my mom used to bake around 5-6 cakes every year for me and my sister's birthday. So call it genes or something else, I find solace in baking. Baking keeps me sane and also calms me down. Its like a stress buster to me. I won't say I am perfect,I am still learning but I enjoy the whole process even if it comes with its own share of goof ups.

Living away from home is when you realize how much you miss those days and want everything back. When my mom visited us in the States, I got to experience my childhood. It was pampered with delicious food and all that love she pours in. My mother believes that when you cook something with love which is the most important ingredient, it always tastes good. I adopted the same mantra when I started this journey. But having a partner in crime also helps. We have created a lot of food memories not just by travelling but also at home. We love to cook together and find it as a major way of catching up.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope y'all enjoy our food habitat.